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Debutante – Covid-19 Update

Hello everyone,

How the world has changed in recent weeks and days. I hope you and yours are all safe and that you are well. 

This is a quick update to let you know that, inevitably, the current pandemic will delay the production of Debutante. Despite my best efforts, it wasn’t possible to shoot the film in February / early March (mostly due to unavailability of some of key HODs (Heads of Department) on my crew.

Now, with the entire film industry in Ireland being temporarily shut down, and with government-issued advice on staying at home and social distancing, it’s simply not possible, and definitely not safe or responsible, to shoot anytime soon. 

I trust you understand that the well-being of crew, cast, our families and everyone we come in contact with, comes first; it comes before my commitment to make the film. 

That said, I’m writing to reassure you that as soon as it is safe again, the film will be shot and completedMy committment to making it happen is greater than ever. I will update you through regular messages here and on the film’s social media.

Please mind yourselves, be safe, be well, and hang in there. Sending you virtual hugs, and here’s a song that may help with overwhelming fear or worry… 

And if you do feel overwhelmed (I sure do), that’s completely OK. This too shall pass. 

Love to you all, more than ever.


P.S. In other news – last month a new partner company joined our team here – Avatar Audio Post Production. Avatar provided audio post for films like the amazing ‘Michael Inside‘, ‘The Lodgers‘ and 2019 Galway Film Fleadh Winner ‘Breaking Out’. The company also won 2 IFTAs (Irish Film & TV Awards) for their work. It’s great to know that Debutante’s sound design is in safe hands!

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