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€20,221.37 – Thank you!! Debutante Post-Production Update

With a soaring heart, I’m writing to thank you for not only making my crowdfunding campaign reach, but exceed its ambitious target! Thanks to all of you who contributed through Indiegogo and PayPal, we raised €20,221.37!!! Woo hoo!!!

Your generosity last year is even more meaningful as it was one of the most financially difficult years ever. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. 

As of 3rd December 2020Debutante’s offline edit is 95% complete. I am lucky and grateful to work with a brilliant Irish editor, Eoin McDonagh. In addition to final edit tweaks, the next steps in the post-production process are sound design, colour grade and music. 

You may be wondering why not much has happened since December. Well, just before Christmas, I gave birth to my wonderful baby daughter, and I’ve been on maternity leave since then. 

Rest assured, the film’s post production will be completed in the coming months. In the meantime, here are a few stills from the film, featuring Una O’Brien (Meg), Arthur Riordan (Peter) and Richard Neville (Sam).

As always, the best way to stay up-to-date with the film’s journey is by following Debutante’s social media on Facebook or Twitter

If you haven’t yet had a chance, I highly recommend this brilliant interview conducted by Lloyd Evans with Chris Stuckmann, an acclaimed film critic and filmmaker. I’m delighted to say Chris is also one of the Executive Producers of Debutante.

In late November 2020, I had an opportunity to talk about my experience of making Debutante with Film Network Ireland – you can have a listen here.

Around the same time last year, I was also interviewed by Seamus and John of The Free Thought Prophet. We spoke about the challenges of making a film during a pandemic – you can find the interview below.

Thank you all again! I hope you’re safe and well in our strange new world.

Best Wishes,

Kamila Dydyna

Writer/ Director/ Producer


  1. Roberto Roberto

    Felicidades por tu hija y sobretodo por toda esta producción que esperamos con ansias. Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪.

    • debutante debutante

      ¡Muchas gracias! Roberto

  2. CathyV CathyV


    • debutante debutante

      Thanks so much Cathy! 🙂

  3. Jacqueline Devine Jacqueline Devine

    I just watched your interview with Lloyd Evans. And I just want to thank you so much! Your words and explanations is such a gift to me because I have tried so many times to put into words how I felt about what the organization did to me. But I always was angry and couldn’t express it in a thoughtful organized manner. But watching your interview with Lloyd really gave me the words and not only that it let me understand my own feelings because I’ve never quite even been able to explain it to myself how I felt. I just wanted you to know that you really did help somebody out here and I am so grateful that I ran across that video because I think it will carry me for a long time and maybe decrease the anger that I’ve been harboring 4 over 25 years. You could probably make a movie on my experience as a witness it was horrific starting as young as 7 years old and then at 15 years old being pregnant and disfellowshipped and then proceeding that I was at 18 and disfellowship in abstentsha but I was never baptized. There’s just a whole lot I could tell you but it would take a book probably to explain it. I’m sure you’ve heard many other people’s experiences that may have been worse than mine but mine was pretty horrible! But I just like I said wanted to thank you for the gift of words and I cannot wait to see your film! Thank you again and may all your dreams come true.

    • debutante debutante

      Jacqueline your words made me so happy. I’m so glad my story could help you process your own experiences – and I’m very grateful for your comment. My very best wishes to you!

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